Top of the Bench 

Regional Competition 2021

Unfortunately we are not able to host this event in our university teaching laboratory again this year, but will be running our Regional competition online.
The question papers will be available to download from 15th – 29th November 2021 and instructions provided on how to upload the completed scripts.
Register your School/College/Academy/Centre using the form below.
Thank you for entering your school team for this year’s RSC Top of the Bench Preliminary Round competition.
Registration Form

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Team information

Each team should be made up of the following:

  • 2 students from year 9
  • 1 student from year 10
  • 1 student from year 11

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Important Information ...


Teachers – Please download the questions for the Year 9 and Year 10/11 teams, answer sheets and periodic table

Please use the periodic table below for consistency with calculations.

Conduct of the written test

  • The test should be carried out under examination conditions with only the team and the supervising teacher present.

  • The test should take no more than 45 Minutes – please do not allow extra time.

  • Written answers, and corrections, should be clear and unambiguous.

  • A Periodic table is included with the paper and pupils may use calculators – but no other sources of information should be present.

  • Separate Question and Answer Sheets are provided for Year 9 and Year 10/11 students and there is a Team Round included

  • All team members should contribute to answering the Team Round – a ‘team captain’ may be nominated to write the answers.

  • Please send scanned copies of the two Answer Sheets and the Team Round to the Registration website (using the form below) as soon as possible and no later than one week after the event.

When all of the completed tests have been marked, and processed, a copy of the results will be emailed to all participating centres.

The top qualifying centre will be invited to take part in the RSC National Final.

Thank you for taking part!